annoying little ad

I keep hearing this advertisement on KPOJ for Washington Post’s website.  None of it is that interesting — it’s a continual series with a woman generally selling that day’s opinion offerings interspersed with a couple of stand-bys.  One hawks a voting record database, which is fair enough.  The other stand-by is an aggravation.

The ad copy goes something like this: “Every election cycle brings with it new terms.  In 2000 it was ‘hanging chads’.  In 2004, we had ‘locked box’ and ‘fuzzy math’.  I have a feeling in 2008, “blogs” will rise to the top, and Washington Post dot com has a lot of blogs.”

The problem is that the phrases for 2004 are connected with the 2000 presidential campaign, and the 2008 phrase came into the force in 2004.  Beyond which, the thought of a professional top-down group of blogs offered to us from this inside the beltway news source as something cutting-edge is fairly depressing — that famed top-down hierarchy that was so a part of Web 1.0 but is dashed away with Web 2.0 — or so the hyped frame of references works.

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