The tedium of Max Boot

I looked over the political magazines and saw last week’s Weekly Standard and had one thought upon gazing the cover:

Good Gawd, more tedium from the esteemed Max Boot.

I next direct your attention to this book by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder — a predominantly right-wing or conservative attack of various peoples who are proported “Schmucks”.  It’s the same genre that Bernie Goldberg got the ball rolling with his “101 People Who Are Screwing America”, which is the same genus as the Ann Coulter, and yes Al Franken, books which predominately skewer political enemies.  As with Goldberg, a Jack Abramhoff is tossed in, and a Mel Gibson.  And for the historical record, because we need to hate her for some reason or other…

Former Montana Representative Jeanette Rankin.

Because her lone vote against World War Two affected anyone … how? 

Basically the problem I ended up having, reading through this selection from the cheap rack of the book store, was its winding to an end of saying “We should of seen it coming”, and pointing out that she had the termerity to vote against entering World War One, and with words to the effect of “As America was Uniting together”.

Now, finding myself back to Max Boot.  There’s a question that I’ve heard from time to time posed in debates to liberal anti-war Democrats.  It was asked of Dennis Kucinich in various debates for 2004, and probably for 2008 as well.  I recall it asked in a primary debate between Cynthia Mckinney and the man who ultimately displaced her.  And I’ve heard it asked to various anti-war organizations, from the dreadful ANSWER to more respectable peace organizations.

“Is there any war that the United States has fought that you have been in favor of?” or “Is there any scenario you can come up with where you would use military force?”
The Max Boot and the Jackie Mason question has to be “Is there any war that the United States has fought, historically, that you disagree with?” or “Is there any scenario you can come up with where you would forgo the use of  military force?”  (And I hear John McCain humming a few bars.)

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