summing up the lessons learned from the –um– “multimedia manifesto” (why must we call it a manifesto?)

I suppose I should have flown over to Virginia and apologized for raping his soul. If I, and a number of the other 5,999,999,999 others who also raped his soul, had done that this might never would have happened. I thought it was consensual, I swear! When his soul said “no” — somewhere where I and his soul were at “Third Base” — I thought it was a kinky bit of role playing. Ah well. I wasn’t the only one who raped his soul, thus putting him in that corner.  And as the ‘Dirty Dancing’ line goes “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.”

In summary: I don’t know how airing that videotape shed much light on anything at all.  The way NBC branded the video so that its use would be a permanent product placement for the network was fascinating, though.

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