Ameteur Groutists

I have, in the past, as far back as early 2001, discussed on this website (or some variation thereof) the presence of a “grout pun” graffiti in public restrooms — off onto the edges of the tiles in miniscule type play on words of the word “grout” — “Grout it Out”, “Oscar the Grout”, “Grout Expectations”, et al, ad naseum.

It is ubiqutious enough, and is reportedly common on college campuses, but also elsewhere where juvenilia may reign supreme.
Yesterday, I had use to make of the urinal in a local Fred Meyers.   I look straight ahead, and what do I see but some of that Grout Pun Graffiti.  But there is a problem with this assortment.  What makes Grout Graffiti impressive is that it clearly took effort to write it in its lack of space.  The area of the spackel that makes up this grout was, compared to most grout, enormous.  It took very little effort to write the Grout Graffiti here — the font size being roughly the size, a bit smaller perhaps, than the font size of what you are reading on the screen right now if you have the font sized at a medium level.

The Grout Graffitists here were ametuers.  Try again next time, and find a better space.  I’ll chalk this up to a practice round, the bunny slopes so to speak.

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