random Iraqi Election thought

A random thought that crept into my mind about about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Through his tenure as Dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein held regular elections, the typical dictator “Yes / No” ballot. They regularly showed him winning by margins of — oh — 11,256,482 to 26 — the fate of those 26 you have to wonder what their fates were.  The final election was held on October 16, 2002, which saw Saddam Hussein win by… get this — 11,445,638 to 0 — every eligible voter voted, and they all voted for Hussein.

Unfortunately, Saddam had not as of yet discovered the joys of purple ink, which would have made the spectacle complete.

Now, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there was some election fraud in that one.  I think a handful or two did indeed vote against Saddam, but those votes either weren’t counted, or were converted into “yes” votes by… oh, I don’t know, Diebold machines.

Someone should look into that one.

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