Moderately interesting items sometimes creep into my spam comment box, which I make a habit to rescue.  These tend to be blocks of articles of conspiratorial nature, a healthy amount of propaganda from someone who is floating between “real person” and “autobot”, but one of them this time wasn’t quite that — it was surely a mass comment, but in limited scanning related to something else — some bouncing propaganda for Team Kucinich. Since I scan the boxes, and sometimes don’t even look at everything there, and they are comparatively rare, I have likely deleted one or two without knowing it.

I deleted two yesterday.  I did not mean to, and had thought that I had reflagged them to the normal category for moderation.  They floated admist about 200 spam comments, which were nuked away.

I do think I know how to attract one of these comments, or a type of comment that amounts to the same thing.  It’s the Beetle-Juice tactic of saying the name three times.

Alex Jones.  Alex Jones.  Alex Jones.

There.  Now I can expect some compilation of ramblings from or something.

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