Where’s Gravel?

Via Wonkette, we have as good an illustration, from the National Review “ranking” of the Democratic candidates, the strange plight Mike Gravel has situated himself in:

The old “File Photo Not Available”.  I’d recognize that face anywhere.

The rest of the list is here.  For the Republican side, I will note that Ron Paul is not mentioed, even though if he were to run he would surely beat out their #10 man, Jim Gilmore, and there’s as good a chance as any that their #5 man, Chuck Hagel, and even #6 Newt Gingrich aren’t a’running.

Incidentally, Mike Gravel is being invited to DNC meetings that serve as cattle calls for the presidential candidates.  The Democratic National Committee will hold its annual winter meeting to highlight “Strong Leadership for America’s Future” in Washington, DC from February 1-3, 2007. The meeting will feature presentations from the Democratic Presidential contenders on their visions and ideas for America’s future.  And there’s Gravel.  He has met a line of dermarcation into legitimacy in that front.

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