on Proust

I saw a license plate a little while ago.  “PROUST”.  Interestingly one can very easily figure out who the owner of this car is with that little bit of information, but it is safe to assume s/he’s a Marcel Proust fan.

The car is littered with bumper stickers, the only one I remember saying “I Read Banned Books”.  Which leads me to wonder about the censorship history for Proust.

I may or may or not read In Search of Lost Time and Rememberance of Things Past one of these days, or anything else Proust has written.  I am unlikely to read it in public, mostly lest strangers believe I’m trying to impress them, but also to avoid being forced to admit a less than total comprehension of what I’m reading, or pretend otherwise.

I also doubt I will ever get to a point where I’ll want a license plate that defines me in terms of Proust, but (1) To each their own, and (2) Life is full of surprises, and you never know where life will take you, so I can’t totally shut that door, can I?

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