Thanksgiving Day Traditions

I hear the phrase “Genocide Cover Up Day” on KBOO.  Not the first time I’ve heard the phrase and I don’t know how original it is, though it’s interesting that if you type it into google the first items you will see go to KBOO.

In a similar though opposite vein, I see that has, as is their annual want, an essay on how a form of socialism destroyed an early Pilgrim society.  I have to groan, as I have to every year.  Though this one is a little less meaningful than the other annual concept, and a bit more tedious.  I probably should have taken more effort to wash ashore somewhere or other and have a Thanksgiving Dinner with family —

— “Genocide Awareness Day” if you must.  There is an attitude you must take here, which is not to be terribly proud of a country or culture that you have no real control in being a part of.  I recall during the Clinton impeachment watching the mcnews broadcast that is Channel 1 with students at Bill Clinton’s old high school, the one with a sign saying that this Bill Clinton’s old high school, expressing chagrin at being associated with Clinton.  Apparently there is no oral sex happening at the school, and suggestions that such a thing may be happening there are false.  The point being that if you are ashamed of a relation to the president, you cannot have a sign up stating the relation to the president.

I suppose I ate some pumpkin pie off of the corpses of the small pox-ed infused earliest Americans.  If I hadn’t, I would have just had to content myself in waiting as the new faux-culture battle that is the “War on Christmas” begins, under the marshal Control of General Bill O’Reilly, Culture Warrior.  Wal-Mart employees now say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.  And thus my revision to this goes:

Macy’s Department Store Wal-Mart Clerk: Thank you. Come again. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas.
Customer, Crusader for Christmas Secularism: Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.
Clerk: Sure. (looks to next customer)
Customer: No. Christmas. Merry Christmas. Holidays.  Happy Holidays.
Clerk: Yes?
Customer: Merry Happy Fucking Christmas Holidays, asshole. (storms off in disbelief.)

Or something like that.

Well, Have a good War On Christmas, everyone, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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