Four for Tuesday

I.  I was having difficulty deciding who to vote for for Oregon Governor.  I had stopped paying attention to the Oregon Gubernatorial race a few months ago, so I can’t say I am fully aware of the elbows tossed all around for this race.

I decided I’d vote for Ben Westlund.  So I went to fill in the ballot, but Westlund’s name wasn’t there.  I called the Department of Elections to tell them that Westlund’s name wasn’t on my ballot.  The voice on the other end was rude and shouted “You have got to be kidding me!” It was truly bizarre.

Frustrated, I just went ahead and threw the ballot away.

II.  Apparently Duncan Hunter is running for president.  He’s a Republican Congressman from California.  Only one person was elected presidency from a perch in the House of Representatives.  The Republican Party was divided at the convention in 1880, and it took 36 ballots for them to come to James Garfield as a compromise.  I see history repeating itself here: the Republican Party will be divided at the convention between McCain, Gingrich, and Giuliana and it will take 40 ballots to decide to go with Duncan Hunter.  Just you wait and see!

III.  I heard the news account that the New York Post had endorsed Hillary Clinton for her Senate race.  I’m not terribly surprised, and even without a conspiratorial mind would come to the conclusion that, yes indeed, her opponent is not credible, hence… you endorse someone who has ingrained herself deeper and deeper into the Conventional Politics of the Political Establishment.

The conspiratorial component is obvious enough, and seems to trail off at the end of all articles on this story.

In recent years, the Clintons have forged relationships with Murdoch that have paid off handsomely for them. Murdoch threw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s re-election campaign this summer and was a participant last month in the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual meeting that seeks pledges of monetary support to combat AIDS, poverty and global warming.

Ba da Booey.

IV.  I’ve had half a mind to find my way to either Spokane or Idaho and help elect someone (Peter Goldmark or Larry Grant) whose first vote will be to elect to the Speaker of the House San Francisco Liberal Nancy Pelosi, who will enact the Radical Homosexual Agenda of Barney Frank by turning out the votes of illegal Immigrants.  But I guess I should leave that up to residents of the Inland Northwest.

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