Lamont’s Woes

Anybody with a political bent anywhere in the vicintity of my political bent is going to have to brace themselves on Election Day for one likely election outcome.

Joseph Lieberman defeats Ned Lamont (and that — um– third party candidate, Schlesinger.). He rturns to the Senate with renewed purpose, a re-entrenched passion for what he perceives to be a “Center”, gravitating toward the corporate and the warlike as that cenver appears to do.

I have noticed fiddlings on blogs that turn the bleak poll numbers into a Ned Lamont victory based on unseen and unique factors in this race. It goes like this.

A superior ground operation equals 5 percentage points for Ned Lamont.
Republicans “coming home” when pressed equals a loss of 3 percentage points for Lieberman.
Lieberman’s horrible ballot position — #5 when people tend to only look at the top 2 spots — costs him 2 points.

What do you know? Ten percentage points! With that, Lieberman only leadws by — what? 5 points!

We can only be so lucky. I guess Ned Lamont’s political problem stems back to the post primary pause — a campaign error due to his political novice status where he simply lacked the stamina for this type of work as veteran weasal Lieberman has. But there is another problem with Lamont. His politics comes off as contrived — “empty suit”, I suppose. I presume Lamont is a little more than a cipher — he didn’t pop out of a cave from nowhere and has done stuff with his life — but it makes for quite simply not a terribly smooth politician.

Lieberman is toxic — his campaign currently being helped financially by Bush’s financial backers and people nearly in Bush’s inner circle of Bush Investors. Once again, it is the “Skull and Bones” trap.

Incidentally, a Larouchite grouping sang at the Debates. A horrible and not sympathetic version of Code Pink, they.

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