The ongoing discussion of the age

Why the heck am I having a problem finding either the transcript for last week’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” or simply transcripted quotations from Bill Frist being asked — or noted to about — the US persecuting Japan after World War Two for waterboarding and where our moral ground in complaining would be if — say — North Korea were to practive “waterboarding”?

It’s weird. I see the video, at crooks and liars — which reliably excerpts out the key parts in print but doesn’t for this instance. And I see the ABC site leading hypothetically to transcripts, and instead leading to a dead end. Thus… nothing.

At any rate, Bill Frist would not offer his opinion on such “hypothetical” scenarios, and there we all are. In a few months, Bill Frist’s political career will be all but over, as he embarks on an ill-fated presidential bid — a chicken scuttling about with his head cut off, and we can discard his slimy name from our current event political rolodex, so perhaps it is immaterial that I do not have his quote ready for use.

We’ve arrived at a moment in our vox populis where the argument is scurried about that — why, our enemies are not abiding by these rules whatever the heck we do. A simple lesson from the realm of the Cub, Boy, and Eagle Scouts — You hold yourself to a higher standard — is lost on the side of High Morality.

Currently the debate is waged on whether the newest torture law allows for that torture technique known as — Raping. The answer is inconclusive — the language is blurred. Which is ironic, you would think, because Bush’s static line has been about how the Geneva Accords are vague, and all we’re really doing is clarifying its meaning.

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