Katherine Harris Crazy

I find it difficult to believe that her Democratic opponent, Bill Nelson — who is probably one of the three or so most conservative Democrats in the Senate, is not publically Christian. A quick google search of “Bill Nelson” AND “Christian” shows up with the startling admission that… gasp… he votes a meager 16% with the Christian Coalition! For whatever that is worth. I wonder if the Christian Coalition charts votes over, say, the Estate Tax.

When candidates such as Katherine Harris attach themselves to the godly cause I am never entirely sure, nor do I ever really understand how these things transmit themselves to the True Believer.


You are giving her the benefit of the doubt regarding what she meant. Don’t. Odds are she believes just exactly what she said. It is a Fundie mind set that anything contrary to what they advocate HAS TO BE SINFUL.

May. Be.

As it were, Katherine Harris’s campaign has been one giant train-wreck and a joke. She is 30 points behind in the polls and keeps firing her staff. Should she be nominated, which is no longer a certainty, the Florida Republican Party will likely leave her name out of their campaign literature. God, as well as Jeb Bush for that matter, is telling her to go away, but she does not seem to have ears to hear.

The Tampa Tribune endorsed one of her obscure competitors for the Republican nomination. Actually they endorsed the least obscure competitor, whose relative name is owed to the fact that he is the son of a famous Florida Senator and Governor from the 1930s to 1950s. QUICK: Name me the most prominent politicians from your state in those decades.

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