Landon LaRoach

I spent Sunday morning looking over the newspaper, not really reading it because I couldn’t stop thinking about what a Fascist Plato truly was. I folded the newspaper up, put it away and indulged in a puzzle that has been intriguing me lately. Having long since grown tired of doubling the square, I moved on to the act of tripling the square.

I then pondered the Second Law of Thermodynamics as presented in the famous Beatles lyrics “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make make.”

I thought about the blog post or posts I would be posting when I sat down at the computer. I had in my mind the amusing anecdote of a woman giving her personal thumbs down to Terrorists. Beyond that, what did I have? “You know,” I thought. “I haven’t posted about Landon LaRoach in a while. But why would I?” Just to keep the meter moving, I suppose.

July 17, to be more precise. And then it was only reposting a comment left from an earlier post regarding Landon LaRoach. As it turned out, a comment had just been left — a lone comment amongst 300 or so spam comments that I was obliged to delete as the system of banning these things had broken down a couple months ago — but the name “Tom Paine II” managed to poke through the endless “Penis Pumper Daddy”s.

Who the original Tom Paine decided to mold his entire mind toward escapes me at the moment.

“paultony” should learn English before trying to clumsily write this utter nonsense, full of grammatical, syntactical, orthographic errors and typos, to say nothing of the evident and obvious ignorance he displays, of what LaRouche has been, and is saying and writing, over the years.

I remember thinking about correcting paultony’s typographical errors, but deciding not to. At the very least, I was not about to correct his misspelling of Landon LaRoach, Lyndon Laroache, as I’ve developed a soft spot for misspellings of the man’s name. An example can be found with Tom Paine II’s post, Lyndon LaRouche.

Anyway, get ready for the new Dark Age. There’s a company in Utah that sold some good canned good supplies in large enough quantities to suffice. They did a great deal of business during the Y2K scare of 1998 to 1999. I’ll leave it at that.

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