and now some time for conspiranoia

I once went to a “9/11 Truth” meeting, one Sunday when I noticed its existence at the public library. I can’t say too much about it, except I vaguely recognized the man addressing the meeting — which in this case, at least when I was in that room, meant simply showing the Alex Jones film — though I didn’t know from where or for what. He probably pops up on Cable Access from time to time, I figure. Maybe I saw him elsewhere and there and everywhere. I don’t know. Also, I was fairly certain Clyde Lewis was going to pop in. He did. Later I would see a small bit of discussion on Portland Indymedia that Clyde Lewis hampers the cause, what, you can’t have someone who doubts that men landed on the moon at such an event.

Not saying I’m giving the conspiracy theory of the federal government committing the 9/11 crimes any credence (I do not. I repeat: I do not. And I repeat again: I do not.), but I am going to say this regarding this page: The argument made here against the conspiracy theory is one I don’t believe has much merit. To wit.

2. Since Dylan’s arguing that the government has no problem killing 3,000 innocent people, this raises the question: if his documentary is true, and we’ve established that the government has no ethical qualms about killing thousands of its own people, then why wouldn’t the government kill Avery and his friends as well? What’s a few more lives to them to ensure the success of this conspiracy?

Whatever reason it may be that the government supposedly orchestrated this conspiracy, it must have been worth it to them to cause so much suffering and loss of life. So if there’s any truth to this, then you can bet your ass that the government wouldn’t let a couple of pecker-neck chumps with a couple of Macs and too much time on their hands jeopardise their entire operation by letting this stupid video float around on the Internet. I can picture you morons emailing me now: “BUT MADOX, MAYBE DYLAN POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT HAD A CHANCE TO REMOVE IT LOL.” Yeah, too bad this rebuttal is inconsistent with the premise of Dylan’s shit-festival of a movie: that the WTC was brought down “in a carefully planned and controlled demolition … and it was pulled off with military precision.” Now we’re expected to believe that the same government that was able to commit the largest terrorist operation in history–with military precision no less–is suddenly too incompetent to sniff out and shut down a little website set up by some college losers within days, if not minutes of its creation?

I win. There is no conspiracy. Eat my shit, losers.

The question comes up in this scenario. Why would they need to kill him? No. I want an answer to the question of why they would need to kill him. Does the Leviathan Government fear him? Why would they fear him? Has he lead the public to a critical mass that is, beyond exposing the “9/11 Truth”, actually doing something that would knock off and do something about the Conspiratorials in our midst — the man with the cigar at the desk whose face is not seen talking to the guy with frizzy hair and a striped shirt in the crude cartoons seen at that website?

Actually I saw the same argument made against Alex Jones with his Bilderberg flirtation. My answer to that concern is here: they are mocking him.

Such is the power of The Octupus.

Moving along from that, the next argument holds more credence, and indeed at that “9/11 Truth” meeting drives us into the razor edge of troubles. Simply put, they overshoot their wad by doing that oragami trick with the 20 dollar bill, a bar trick remarkable for its unremarkableness. Or that Illuminati is something else, you say?

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