Steele is the culprit. Well, Duh.

When I saw that an anonymous “Senate candidate” in a “high profile race” made various comments about the current failings of the Republican Party, that the “R for Republican next to his name was like a ‘scarlet letter'” and that if this race comes down to Republican versus Democrat he will lose, I noted it, thought that there was about a 75 percent chance it was said by Michael Steele — Maryland’s Republican Senate candidate, and then moved on through my blog scannings and saw, several posts later, that, yes indeedy, it was said by Michael Steele.

It’s a sham, I guess. He wants to distance himself from the Bush Administration and the Republican congress while not publically clamouring for attention. Or it’s an act of stupidity. Or maybe he’s idiotic enough to think he wouldn’t be discovered with that relative ease that he was discovered with.

Obviously it wasn’t a current Senator, most likely an open seat, and it’s hard to fathom someone from Tennessee crying out about the situation. So we have: Mark Kennedy of Minnesota. Tom Kean, Jr of New Jersey. Michael Steele of Maryland. And in Steele’s case, he has to be aware of that even if such a thing as the Internet didn’t exist with myriad bloggers speculating and dissecting these three away, paring it down to him — it’s not exactly a Deep Throat operation — hard to pin down that guy — or even that “Primary Colors” asshole from 1996 — which the 24 hour media rather methodically wound its way to Klein as the culprit in relative simplicity.

Steele is supposed to be the harbringer of the Republican black plurality, doubling the number of black Republicans will spell the death of the Democratic Party, you see. Maybe had he been able to run in 2002. I doubt in 2004.

I hear said that 2006 is a bit like 1994, in that it’s not a good idea to campaign as an experienced Incumbant of the Majority Party, except that unlike in 1994 it’s not a good idea to campaign on a “I Know nothing about this government business” policy (ala Michael Huntington’s campaign), what with Katrina and Bush’s general incompetence showing the way to politicians who know stuff.

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