The Bush — Putin riff; the Bush — Merkel riff

I’m sort of obliged to carry these two items forward, even though it’s a sort of blog redundancy. This president is embarrassing. I wonder if we should make his performance at the G-8 an impeachable offense. Thinking about it for a second, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Forget everything else you will see if you type “Impeach Bush” into a search engine (and I note that Portland, Oregon is second only to Madison in googling for Bush’s Impeachment, perhaps there are worst things than alerting future presidents that there will be severe punishment if you do either of the following.

Item #1:

BUSH: I talked about my desire to promote institutional change in parts of the world, like Iraq, where there’s a free press and free religion. And I told him that a lot of people in our country would hope that Russia will do the same thing. I fully understand, however, that there will be a Russian-style democracy.

PUTIN: We certainly would not want to have same kind of democracy as they have in Iraq, quite honestly.

See? Why would you even say that? What world does Bush live in?


That’s Germna Chancellor Angela Merkel that Bush is giving an unwelcome back rub to.

I am reminded of the HBO docu-show “Journeys with George”, or interviews regarding, where the (female) journalist says that George Bush in private was … nice, but … (not her words) kind of creepy, always saying “Let’s get you a boyfriend!”

Which translates into this in real life.

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