The Bilderberg Group

I imagine the world elites meeting there, this year in Ottawa. They hold it in a dark room. They have a projecter up, with a map of the world, political and geographic. Several overlays are laid out, one after another, as the world elites gasp and come to agreements.

The lines shift to expose the “real” political lines, lines that we peons don’t know about and are not clued in on. The strategy session that the world elites have is how to achieve the new borders and boundaries, shifted as they are from last years “real” lines. It’s a smorgashboard of slightly changed interest rates, gold and oil influxes here and kept away over there, a war here, peace agreement there — all of which plays on scientifically calculated markers of how the peons and riff-raff out there behave.

The kicker is that the Alex Joneses and Daniel Estulins of the world are peering in, able to see shadows move and glimpse corners of the maps. This is by design, of course. It’s analogious to your cable porn stations’ tendencies to leave their stations just slightly unscrambled so you can see and hear a bit, but not much. But it’s more insiduous the cable porn stations are advertising to get you to subscribe to their premium cable channels. The Bilderberg Group is just toying with Alex Jones.

More on the flip… cheeky as always.

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