Vernon Robinson: everybody everywhere is going to kill and harm and corrupt you. And I’m black.

The “next black GOP Congressman” ends his television assault ad, an assault against the attack by illegal immigrants and homosexuals and the foreign Jihadists and Jesse Jackson against bedrock Conservative American values, with a shot of the lily-white (and white bread) Beaver Cleaver in the back seat of the station wagon.

Because we want to return ourselves to those great 1950s. When illegal immigrants weren’t flooding the borders, homosexuals were safely tucked away in the closet, Islamic extremists were nowhere to be seen, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were not getting all uppity. And life was just swell. Especially for people of Vernon Robinson’s skin color in the South.

Because his opponent, Brad Miller of North Carolina, is all for illegal immigrants’ homosexuals’, Islamic Extremists’ and Jesse Jackson’s coordinated attack on bedrock Conservative American values.

“The aliens are here but they didn’t come in a spaceship, they came across our unguarded Mexican border by the millions. They’ve filled our criminal courtrooms and invaded our schools. They sponge off the American taxpayer by clogging our welfare lines and our hospital emergency rooms; they’ve even taken over the DMV. These aliens commit heinous crimes against us, like Maximiliano Esparza who raped a nun and strangled her with her own rosary.”

Maximiliano Esparaza. Raped a nun. Strangled her with her own rosary. These are the type of things that the Illegal immigrants are doing, don’t you see? From their battle-line bases, the DMV. They took over the DMV!! Their secret line of attack is to have us waiting in long lines, and while we’re occupied stuck in these long DMV lines, then they will take over because nobody’s there holding down the fort because we’re all waiting in line at the DMV!

Press 1 for English? NO! Vote Vernon Robinson for English.” Cue Spanish-speaker giving the “Hey Gringo! Vote for Vernon Robinson for Congress” in Spanish.

Maximiliano Esparaza. I remember him. But when I remember him as Willie Horton. The first story you see on his news page (a creature of candidates’ web sites mostly devoted to upbeat news items on the candidate) is Suspected Alien Shoots an American Citizen at a North Carolina Waffle House. The politics of Fear is in full effect.

Three ads.

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