On Portland Elections

Biddley boo — the Eastside Guy. My opponents hate cars. Just listen! “I hate cars.” Paid for my Biddley Boo — The Eastside Guy. You are the Majority!

Hm. I don’t drive a car. Biddley boo is dividing car drivers from non car drivers, as well as — East and West, as per Biddley Boo’s statement that he is the “Eastside Guy”. (As opposed to his two opponents who are, evidentally “West-side”). I’m not really paying attention to the geopolitics of Portland, Oregon: do the Westsiders hate cars and the Eastsiders love them? My guess is Biddley boo wants to make an issue of Erik Sten’s botched-from-the-start Tram Project. To do that, he denigrates all of public transportation instead. To wit, I say: Screw Biddley boo.

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