UPDATE on an election story I had forgotten about

I had forgotten about this election I was only mildly following and made a blog post regarding — for a Kentucky state Senate special election race.

Um. Belated congratulations to Democratic victor Perry Clark. Final total, for an election held in February:

Debbie PEDEN REP 5802
Perry CLARK DEM 6757

I really don’t look at the literature that the LaRouchites try to give me or I see scattered about town, and believe me when I say that I give them less thought than it may seem I do on this blog, but I know that there’s often a list of elected, quote-in-quote “Democratic leaders” in support of the cult-leader.

Perry Clark, being that he has moved up from a state House member to a state Senate member, will probably rise up that list. Though he’s probably not up to Erik Fleming status (currently running to unseat Trent Lott) quite yet.

Sigh. Ah well. The LaRouche engine has more weight in Australian elections, and in the NCC, than they do in American elections, and the Democratic Party. Here, they’re a weird little gnat. There… well…

A comment left awhile ago:

You can read a more up to date account of the LaRouchees’ infiltration of the NCC (as of last January) here:


The LaRouchees are incredibly ubiquitous in Oz.

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  1. Chardonnay Says:

    I hate Larouche and his followers. They are a fucking cult. My friend who is 25, dropped out of college and joined them and in doing so, they told him to sever ties with me because I was not “open to their ideas”. The way they go about doing things is very erratic also. They disturb classes at the local college with their regular “demonstrations” and they go so far as to harass students who don’t take their literature or who refuse to make a donation. I was one of them. I was headed to class and a girl stopped me. She was very nice and started talking to me about the economy and all these paranoid conspiracies. I was polite and listened but when I declined to give her my info and take a pamphlet she got nasty. As I walked away, she said “so you’re a guns n’ roses fan, huh? That would explain the skanky look”, I was wearing a GNR shirt, you see. They are very good at making insulting below the belt remarks. Since then, there have been many students who have complained to the dean and asked him to prevent them from coming onto the campus, but like cockroaches, they just keep coming back hoping to find someone else to brainwash. That being said, my very good friend simply disappeared out of my life and his parents are also quite concerned because he also cut ties with them at the Larouchies suggestion that they where trying to “disorganize” him. Larouche himself is a paranoid, psychotic, fascist. I would advise people to not even pay attention to them in the streets.

  2. Chardonnay Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they hold these “cadre schools” which is a trip they take up to the mountains for a weekend full of “enlightening, earth shattering ideas”. Anyway, my pal dragged me to one of these once and all they do is talk about the golden ration, the doubling of the square, the British royal family (it’s so funny, they claim the queen is a drug smuggler lol), and all these conspiracies and how Larouche is the only one who can make a difference. After this cadre school, I NEVER wanted to know about them ever again and I along with five other people took off. When they started talking about rock music, one of the members said that he had hoped they’d make John Lennon’s day of assasination a holiday, we said screw it and drove off in my car. One guy tried to stop us and told us “if you leave, you will have the deaths of hundreds of palestinian children on your conscience.” This people are crazy and they use cult tactics to recruit people. I strongly suggest everyone to not even bother with them.

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