There is no upside for an Iraqi Civil War

From the perspective of Fox News, I do not know what the upshot of a Civil War in Iraq would be. Granted, we have easy footage for the type of war pornography the network specialized in during “Operation Iraqi Liberation” (Or Operation OIL)*, to be manipulated with added sound-effects as they did back during OP OIL, and with a week-end perview of the “Sites and Sounds” of Iraq for the week, upbeat music in the background with a montage similar to the orgasmic climax of “Doctor Strangelove”.

But we don’t have the easy storyline. Whose side are we supposed to be rooting for? During OP OIL, we had I believe it was Sheppard Smith proclaiming, “And today the SHIITE Hit the fan!”, those Shiite — being that they’re the majority faction in the country and thus whatever democratic inch Iraq has gotten being the dominant block of the US backed government — are thus already demonized by Fox News beyond repair.

So, sorry Fox News. You have little upside in welcoming on an Iraqi Civil War. Save your good tidings for America’s next invasion, when you can clean things up to make a good patriotic storylind of the USA versus fill-in-the-blank.

*You know, on second thought, I should start calling it by the Pentagon given name — the acronym OIF is similar enough to what you shout when you’re punched in the stomache that it would work just as well.

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  1. mikevotes Says:

    Yeah, this killed me.

    Despite years of frantic pleading by the admi9nistration, there is no “good news” to report out of Iraq right now.


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