Those PSAs bring out the Evil in me

There’s a new set of anti-drug public service announcement that have been playing on the radio as of late.

First the scene is set. We have a set of 13-16 year olds at a standard social. #1 “How’d you hear about my party?” “Everybody knows about this party.” “Yeah. Pretty crazy, huh?” “Totally.” #2: “I can’t believe you got tickets to this show.” “Yeah. Pretty crazy band, huh?” “Totally.” #3 (and my favourite): “Thanks for giving me a ride.” “Hey. No problem. Just because you’re a sophomore doesn’t mean I can’t talk to you.” (uh. huh. The PSAers are laying it on pretty thick here, aren’t they? Sorry, I can’t sneak in a “pretty crazy” “totally” into that set up.)

Next, the drug is offered. For #1, #2, and #3, we have: “Hey! Wanna get high?” (For some reason the background music at the party and at the concert just stops dead right here.) “This is some good stuff. You’ll like this. Here you go.” AND — the response: “UH–”

The voice-over comes in with a “This is the time your guidance can help your kids say no to drugs. Call for a free pamphlet!”

But in my mind, I can’t help but think: “Toke! Toke! Toke! Toke! Toke!”

My question: Does that make me evil?

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