Why are there so many cops around?

Is it just me or is there a heavy police presence around downtown Portland today?

Okay. A bit less weak and unequivical a question: Why is there such a heavy police presence around Portland today? Is there some sort of Meth Shut-down operation going on, or is this some joint operation with the Portland Business Alliance that makese the average consumer of downtown Portland feel safe? (I don’t really understand the mentality; I guess it’s the “Conservative is a mugged liberal” thesis which brought into power Richard Nixon back in 1968.)

Then again, there is the basic theory I have that the police presence is the same as it always is — it’s just that today, they’ve lurched out of the anonymous shadows to make themselves known to the public at large. Like the vampires, so they go.

I’ll throw my hands up in the air, and since I assume everything in this city leads back to Meth that it’s a Meth Crackdown Operation… whether I believe that or not.

So… does anyone have a copy of the anarchist book Our Enemies in Blue that I can throw in my backpack in case they decide to stop me, and in the event that I’m just a glutton for punishment?

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