Because It’s been a while

… it’s about time I gave a Lyndon LaRouche update.

You do realize there’s a possibility these two blogs are describing the same happenstance?

It was a voice. It was a loud, amplified voice. It echoed off the sides of buildings and down the street. I peered down from my perch and could see a mini-van inching its way through traffic. A large, gray loudspeaker was mounted on its roof. A sign, which I could not read from my vantage point, hung on the door. I could hear the voice clearly up six stories and through sealed windows. The booming voice touted the virtues of Lyndon LaRouche.

Politics aside, this noise pollution, parading as “amplified free speech,” apparently is legal in Washington, D.C. How would our world be if everyone placed a loudspeaker on their car or on their corner? And what about the free speech rights of those who cannot afford an amplified loudspeaker?

Compare that description with this other description of LaRouchite outside a building with a bullhorn.

Also there’s a Lyndon LaRouche supporter in a minivan circling our office’s block with a mounted loudspeaker, encouraging all the powerless drones in these buildings to “Filibuster Alito”. Which, incidentally, should be an Italian Sandwich shop franchise name.

Both are in Washington, DC. So do we have two bloggers peering out their window at the same LaRouche supporter with a loudspeaker? I think we do!

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