contemplating the Eaters and Eatees of Society

Zenman: I’m not sure if the Freestaters would take him in. Interesting issue–issue being: did he initiate force when he killed the guy before eating him. True, it was consensual, but I’m not sure there still wasn’t initiation of force.

If, for example, someone requests that you beat the holy hell out of him, and you proceed to do so, have you not initiated force, regardless of consent?

For extra credit: what if he asks you to beat the tar out of him and he tells you not to stop even if he tells you to stop?

How about if someone specifically asks you to initiate force against him. Are you violating his rights if you honor his request?

MOI: I’m thinking: is there really such a difference between the following two scenarios?

(1) Man walks up to a guy, and asks “Do you want to be eaten?” Guy replies, “Sure.” In this case, the eater initiates force, I’d think.

(2) Guy walks up to a man, and says “I want to be eaten.” Man replies, “I’ll oblige.” In this case, the eaten iniates the force, right?

Is that the difference that you’re getting at? If so: why split hairs, and are we going to go before a judge and argue the matter of who came up with the idea that it was a good idea for Guy to be eaten first?

A German cannibal is taking legal action to stop the release of the horror film “Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story,” which he claims is based on his life.

Keri Russell (“Felicity”) stars as a graduate student researching imprisoned cannibal Simon Grobeck (Thomas Kretschmann). Russell is drawn into Grobeck’s world and becomes obsessed with the Internet cannibal community. “Butterfly” is scheduled for a March 9 release in Germany.

But not if Armin Meiwes, who was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison for eating a man he met over the Internet, has his way. In a statement Monday, Meiwes’s lawyer, Harald Ermel, said the film is a “slavish re-enactment” of the real-life events and his client did not give permission to producer Atlantic Streamline to fictionalize his story.

“I feel used,” said Meiwes, who filmed the killing and confessed to the crime but denied it was murder since his victim volunteered to be eaten.

Berlin-based distributor Senator Film said it had no plans to pull “Butterfly,” which was directed by Martin Weisz.

Meiwes goes before court again Thursday in the second stage of his trial. He faces life imprisonment. His lawyer said Meiwes wanted to prevent “Butterfly” from depicting a “false and stigmatized” version of cannibalism that could adversely affect the trial’s outcome.

Meiwes also is suing German rock band Rammstein, claiming its song “Mein Teil” (My Piece) refers to his case.

Meiwes has given Hamburg production company Stampfwerk the rights to his story. Stampfwerk is producing a 90-minute documentary on Meiwes and his trial.

Sassy: i am just puzzled that someone would “volunteer to be eaten”

Zenman: Which position would you be more freaked out in–being in a room full of people who want to eat other people, or being in a room full of people who want to be eaten by other people?

Hmm.. I’ve just given this a little thought and it seems that the obvious answer might not be as obvious as it might seem. Even to a vegetarian.

I think as long as there were no utensils readily available, I’d rather be with the eaters. There’s something so pathetically revolting about the others that I’d just rather not have anything to do with them even if consorting with cannibals was my only other choice.

I guess I’d just clack my teeth a little if anyone were looking at me funny. You probably wouldn’t want to do that with the eatees. You’d be making friends.

From Afar: Zen, I think you’re onto something, should that ever happen but you’re also leaving something out.. It depends on the AGRESSIVENESS factor in each group.

FA, for instance, would rather be among the eatees (as long as there was extreme security against a break-in by the eaters). AS LONG AS the eatees were non-aggressive. I mean, not forcing their arm into your mouth if you made the clatter sounds. I’d be too afraid of being among the eaters, lest they detect that I was insincere, if you catch my drift. Wouldn’t want to trigger a pack response.

Remm: I think I’m with Zenman. I’d prefer the predator bunch. The ones who would want to be eaten would scare me.

We live in the vicinity of Truckee. The Donner Party headlines have really shaken up this area. For some reason people find it difficult to question something they’ve heard from Professional Educators every year of their life. It’s like suddenly finding out that George Washington was really a woman. Shock!

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