Hillary Clinton Unblogged

I note that these two books are 50% off, and thus essentially non-sellers, after several months at Borders:

Dick Morris? The man who sometime during Bush’s Great Plunge of 2005 recommended in his column (I believe in the New York Post, though I could be mistaken) that Bush should become the “Environmental President”. (That would be nice, but while Nixon could go to China, he couldn’t spearhead “good government” reforms.) Susan Estrich? Didn’t she manage the Michael Dukakis campaign? Why are these two people given a prime space within our political spheroid? (The answer is in part that Fox News keeps them alive because it fits their political agenda.)

Hillary Clinton has popped up a bit within the chattering classes, as we run into the 2008 election. Thus we get:

“She has the left in her back pocket,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac institute. “She doesn’t have to worry about catering to them. She has to worry about attracting centrist Democrats, the mainstream of the party.”

I’m a bit bemused. Yes? No? I don’t know. This looks to me like a statement made to set in stone. Or by saying it, you make it so (or make the perception be), because that suits the way the powers that be want it to… be.

Meanwhile, I and many bloggers bigger than I (and smaller than I, for that matter) will continue to rave against Hillary Clinton. I personally will not acknowledge her primary challenge — it smacks of a dead end —

I found The Nation’s glowering cover article on Hillary Clinton annoying. It came a couple months before their big “Line in the Sand — we will not support candidates who do not come out strongly against the war” cover. Good thing they got the Hillary Clinton article in before that issue — otherwise they would’ve looked pretty stupid, right? I guess Hillary Clinton is grandfathered in against that rule.


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