Ramsey Clark again.

It wasn’t enough for those democrat congressmen and senators to betray our troops who overthrew a dictator and are still fighting his forces in major battles. One Democrat is even on the ground in Bagdad defending that mass murderer Saddam Hussein. Over two thousand of our troops have fallen in battle removing Hussein and a DEMOCRAT Ramsey Clark is over there defending him. It’s time to start bringing traitors to justice. What kind of idoit supports such a party.

Skip sentence one, which is the standard holding of American troops as a rhetorical hostage. Go to the descriptor “DEMOCRAT” to describe Ramsey Clark. Ramsey Clark is not a member of the Democratic Party, and as far as I can tell hasn’t been since before the Carter Administration (who he piqued in the same way he’s piqued the Clinton and Bush II administrations). As anyone should know — and will be reminded whenever there are massive anti-war marches in the streets organized by International ANSWER, Ramsey Clark’s ties are with something called the “World’s Worker Party”, which runs their own presidential candidate every four years.

During the 2004 presidential election, “Accuracy in the Media” (and I believe “Human Events”), two right-wing media bastions, ran an article that suggested that Ramsey Clark favoured John Kerry for president. Perhaps, perhaps not; but from what I remember all I really saw was praise for his Vietnam anti-war service. It was moot… to the folks at AIM and Human Events, Kerry is melded in with Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark and John McCain in a 40 year plot to destroy America by losing the war to the Viet Cong.

The best I can say is that I saw the link I was referring to on the “Democratic Underground” message board suggesting that Ramsey Clark is a worthy individual whose support means something (shortly followd in the thread by an anti-Ramsey Clark whiplash), meaning that a Democrat or two or a hundred finds Ramsey Clark worthwhile. (For what it’s worth, I see that Ramsey Clark has a new editorial circulating out there. Read it and ponder some predictable enough omissions and emissions. Is there truth in what he says? There is some.

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