What does Lyndon LaRouche have against The Beatles?

In case you haven’t noticed, I added this quotation to my the quotes on my sidebar:

“The Beatles had no genuine musical talent, but were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications.” Lyndon LaRouche, from the pamphlet “Why Your Child Became a Drug Addict”.

There’s a terrible problem with Lyndon LaRouche that does not exist with, say, Jack T. Chick. You can compile a book of the doctrine according to Jack T Chick tracts, or a history of the tracts, and it will be most fascinating. You can not do so with Lyndon LaRouche… his pamphlets, as promising as the titles can be, tend to be terribly uninteresting. As for the Beatles — this attitude has to be at the root of the LaRouche Youth Movement’s tendencies to sing bel canto. It’s an affected elitism that puts the cult members on a higher level than ordinary mortals, you see.

At the same time, this puts LaRouche into the ultra-right wing camp where everything fell apart in the 1960s. AND, curiously enough, it shows LaRouche’s anti-British government bias, who I guess he sees as (still) controlling the world… my first LaRouchite question on this blog, if you go back far enough, was “What does Lyndon LaRouche have against the British Royal Family?”

Still… what can you say? It was The “British INVASION”, was it not?

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