What the heck are the “Bra Wars”?

I’ve noticed over the past few months allusions to a crisis in Great Britain nicknamed “Bra-Wars”, as one of the current crises that the nation and Tony Blair are facing and being tested by. (Also one of the crises, it is suggested, that is moving Great Britain into a state of perpetual stasis and inactivity. Something akin to a “National Malaise”, and that sense of political impotency that the nation’s public feels resigned to. Or so goes my reading of the British news reports.)

All the time I’ve never known what the heck the “Bra-Wars” were. A battle between two British super-models and how much cleavage they’re allowed to show off?

Nay. It’s a trade dispute with China. I would wish the United States had more trade disputes with China, except that China pretty much owns the United States now. I have my doubts that bras account for a vast majority of the clothing under dispute, but the media (being yellow and sensationalistic by nature) goes with the term “Bra Wars”.

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