why does john maccarthur write books against the four square church

A quick google seach suggests that John MacArthur’s problem is:

Implicit in MacArthur’s wholesale attack on the charismatic movement is that it is not derived from the Holy Spirit and therefore, has borne only bad fruit. He suggests that the fruit of the charismatic movement is entirely negative and, among other things, has “created divisions” (p. 293), “encourages mysticism” (p. 292), “denigrates reason” (p. 292), “leads to spiritual casualties” etc. Is there any fruit in the charismatic movement? “Surely, if the movement is of God,” MacArthur asks, “we ought to find abundant fruit.” Yet, MacArthur looks about him and sees no fruit at all. Perhaps the lens that he looks at the charismatics through is less than clear. A Christian approaching the charismatic movement without a clouded lens, might see the following.

Personally, my problem with the Four Square Church is the confusion that always comes up over whether if the ball touches the line if it is out or not, and who gets to decide if it did.

define self-depreciative

I’m too stupid to know.

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how much wood would a woodchunk chunk if a woodchunk would chunk wood

A woodchunk would chunk as much wood as a woodchunk could if a woodchunk could chunk wood.

rainbow party suck lipstick photos

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The third most searched word is “dogs”. I will not pander to the public by posting a dog entry. I must note how amazing the consistency of “invention of fire” is — which is to say, roughly the same number of searches (and hits) per month.

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