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In his latest column, [name deleted, but its the name you most associate with the magazine] appears opposed to the battle in Iraq. He refers to possible political ramifications, but this war is beyond politics. The future of Western civilization is at stake.

The combat in Iraq is not a war but a battle in a war that was started 1,400 years ago. The cult of a self-proclaimed prophet has expanded to more than 1.2 billion people, and the disciples of this devil intend to t bring the entire earth under the rule of Allah. Currently, Western nations are the soft targets.

The meek enjoy liberties after the strong have fought, sacrificed, and died. If we don’t resist Islam, our culture has no future. There are two approaches: let posterity fight its own wars when the time comes, or maintain a place in the world for Jesus, our posterity, and Western civilization.

Damn the torpedoes. Let’s get down and dirty. Kill the bastards. Wars are dirty. It is wrong to elevate ourselves above their standards. They take no prisoners. Neither should we.

God bless America.
Warren E. Boisselle
Virginia Beach, VA

(letter to the “American Conservative”)

A google search shows that he was an advocate for all out war against terrorism since… at least 1996. (ProbabOklahoma City bombing? Or those listed here?)

I am reminded of a comment suggesting that you can’t ask whether this is a Religious War. That’s the question that, theoretically, would have to be settled by who wins.

Why the paleocons don’t hook onto this concept — extend the Cultural Wars you’re fighting here against a cartoonish set of Secularists to a cartoonist set of Muslims over yonder — I don’t know. Mired into the old Cold War rhetoric where they’re fighting the Atheist Communists, and can’t convert the enemy over to Muslims? Or are the Jews in Israel just standing in the way of this paradigm shift?

Or I’m too snarky and I may just not be giving them proper credit.

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