Is it too Soon?

Well, congratulations to Tony Blair on his impending victory for a third term as prime minister of Great Britian. He achieved this re-election through a platform promising better school lunches (I guess re-playing how he won his first election as ASB president for some damned Prep school), throwing red-meat to Labour Partisans by hinting that he might retire before his third term ends, and playing a game of “Ha ha. You have nowhere to go” with the unpopular War in Iraq.

The Liberal Democrats’ attack-ad showing Tony Blair standing proudly with George W Bush was blunted with an ad showing Bill Clinton praising Tony Blair. Thus, the sick and demented track of American political duopoly is tossed in. (Watch as in the next post I praise Bill Clinton and knock George W Bush back down. I’m a little inconsistent on where and how I apply this crash cynicism, and gray zones float aplenty.)

But here it is: Here:

When Mr Blair warned Miss Haigh that if she voted Liberal Democrat it could let the Conservatives back into power, she replied: “I know, that’s the scary thing.”

The current character of that whole weird scene is Zell Miller — who, after aiding Bill Clinton’s election, re-election, and George W Bush’s re-election, looks like he’s trying to turn himself into an odd gate-keeper of a Skull-and-Bones-esque Political Controller… recently hinting support toward Hillary Clinton (if she tir-angulates a bit), cooling on any Republicans who might run in 2008, and praising Virginia governor — who looks to be running for president — Mark Warner.

The head hurts. Is it too early to consider the 2008 list of candidates?

I’ve been meaning to stick a “Russ Feingold for President” item on the side-bar, probably taken straight from the ad purchased and featured at My sense is that it doesn’t matter: we’re getting Hillary whether we like it or not. Wesley Clark will be the token competitor last person standing.

Or if 2008 is too far across the corner, there’s 2006. As always, it becomes a stupid spectator sport. Your Senators and Representatives are all safe. Democrats salivate at Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, and wonder about Montana. Republicans place their bets on Minnesota, Florida, and Michigan.

In the not too distant future…

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