Bernie Sanders

“There is one Socialist in the House of Representatives. But he’s more or less a liberal Democrat. Why doesn’t he run as a Liberal Democrat?”

“How much credibility does that bring if he runs and wins as a Socialist?”

I mention this because Jim Jeffords, the ex-moderate Republican turned Democratic-caucusing Independent, has announced his retirement. Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Party Democratic-caucusing Representative of the state, is the front runner for this newly open seat — and probably the only Republican who could possibly defeat him is current Republican governor Jim Douglas.

Which means in 2006, more than likely, the Republican Party is going to have a new “Most Hated Senator” to take the place of Liberal Ted Kennedy or constantly-triangulating Hillary Clinton.

As per Bernie Sanders, he hasn’t been a true Socialist since his days of Mayor of Burlington. Or so I once saw a scribbling from either a Sanders supporter or a Sanders detractor. (And I don’t believe he has any weight from an official national party, thus… he’s always labelled in the media as “Independant”.)

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