Doc Hastings

I feel as though I oughta say something about the member of Congress who replaced the head of the Ethics committee due to the concept that the former admonished Tom DaLay and the latter is… well, he’s Doc Hastings.

He’s a curious footnote to the whole Tom DeLay ordeal. When mentioned by Democrats and liberals nationwide, the other two new Ethics committee appointees (the two who donated money to the Tom Delay Legal Defense Fund) will be mentioned… no mention of Representative Doc Hastings, fourth Congressional District of Washington State.

He was the first man I voted against. A curious statement, as in 1998, his two opponents were this — er– Democrat and a Perot-era Reform Party candidate. I voted for the third party candidate.

My parents are more or less Republican. My mother doesn’t terribly like the man, saying only that he’s “shifty”.

What he looks like (or did last time I saw him), and this isn’t terribly relevant to anything other than pure political theater, is an Insomniac… bags perpetually under his eyes. This is really only a detriment should he run for Senate, which can only possibly happen if Eastern Washington and Western Washington split up into separate states.

His only jump into the national fray was as a footnote to the James Trafficant affair. He, apparently, headed what amounts to an Ethics sub-sub committee that pushes ethics issues here and there and shuffles papers into and out of the Ethics committee. This has lead blogs to see him as the “least obnoxious of a bad lot” of Republicans on the ethics committee (that is to say, to break a 4-4 impasse — he’s the best hope)… hence the very fact that that an ad is being run over in the Fourth Congressional District of Washington State.

His policy and his political temperament? Straight party-line vote. He’s a loyalist. There’s a reason he’s heading Tom DeLay’s Ethics Committee… and as Hastings takes the spotlight as he heads the committee looking into Tom DeLay’s ethical lapses (under DeLay’s rules of engagement), I have nothing else to say about him.

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