Jeff Gannon Redux

Hey! Jeff Gannon, ex-gay prostitute, ex-contributor of re-written White House Press Relases to the currently-on-hiatus “Talon News”, now has a BLOG! Why can’t this guy sign up with “bloglines”? (Otherwise, I’m never going to be able to follow up on the hilarity of pearls of wisdom such as:

I’m baaaaaaack! If you thought I was going to slink away – then you don’t know much about me. Someone still has to battle the Left and now that I’ve emerged from the crucible, I’m stronger than before.

Despite all the pleas from the Left to go over to the ‘dark side’ and expose the ‘corrupt Bush administration’ simply isn’t going to happen. My faith and my ideology are rock solid.

No longer a strange peg in the wheel of the Right-Wing Echo Chamber, Jeff Gannon has emerged as a Maytr for the Cause… Bigger, Louder, and UnCut!

Does he still have his white house sources?

Two items pop up in regards to the Jeff Gannon story. #1 is the nature of the White House Press Briefing. That’s really not a place to get news of any type… bonafide journalists should be seeking answers (and investigating, mind you) elsewhere. It’s a stupid ritual. (And, as noted here, perhaps getting frozen out of the White House isn’t such a bad thing.) Knight-Ridder has been able to get some good stories by making their reporters actually do some digging. They’ve cultivated sources lower down in the departmental hierarchies–where there’s actual news, not just press releases. I believe it was by necessity, as K-R was reportedly frozen out of the cozy access arrangements.

#2 is the Jeff Gannon is the closed-circuit loop nature of the Right-Wing Media Echo Chamber. Start in the White House before you have any media source to report for. Regurgitate falsities from Rush Limbaugh. Recycle White House Press Releases. Call John Kerry too gay-friendly. Make an appearance on Sean Hannity’s program. There is no need to look beyond Free-Republic — Fox News (itself a Pravda unit) — NewsMax — Talk Radio for any information of any kind… all of which, incidentally, you must burn before your very eyes.

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