I Believe the Children are the Future

Conveniently thrown at us in pull-quote form, comes quote from the Creationist Sect:

“We have kids killing kids because they think they’re just a bunch of people descended from monkeys, with no one to answer to,” he said. “If I took a bunch of guns to the zoo and handed them out to the monkeys, we’d have a bunch of dead monkeys. My problem is not with guns. My problem is with calling my kids monkeys.” (Jerry Allen is a mechanic from Burbank, a suburb of Pasco, Washington… which is just what we need… a suburb of Pasco, Washington. Can there be such a thing? Is Outlook [Home of Astronaut Jennifer Dunbar, or whatever it is her name is] a suburb of Sunnyside, Washington [Home of a sign that says it is the home of said Astronaut]?)

Never mind. One of the positive results of the 9/11 attacks is that it seems to have pretty well ended the era of school shootings, and more importantly the Political Rorschach Tests that followed. The media space that sociopathic drugged out kids attempted to mine through the early 90s and early 00s has moved away to weightier matters. Or maybe the increased security has done it… I don’t know.

Students Arrested for Cyber Bullying.

Investigators with the Attorney General’s High-Tech Crimes Unit say the situation started when a 15-year-old female student created a website called “Loranger’s biggest queer.com.” The website featured pictures of a 14-year-old male student. He responded with his own web site, which investigators say included a list of students he called “The Preps,” and poems so graphically violent, investigators say “they crossed the line.”

That’s a strange little curious case of cross-purpose. Stick to threatening “Fluffy the Cat”, and you’ll be better off. (Who where and why does any angsty youth think about such a thing as “The Preps”?)

This article came to my attention when I heard in the corner of my ear a news item that Washington State politicos were seeking to rid our schools of “cyber-bullying”, and I wondered what they were referring to. A google search, and I ponder any number of items.

The Right-Wing is currently in a tizzy about some anti-war letters some sixth graders sent to the troops. I don’t really know what you expect sixth graders to write … and it seems to me that the Bill O’Reillys of the world seem to believe that the natural state of a sixth grader is to believe in the righteousness of a war effort, or to be “taught” to believe in the righteousness of a war effort. (Actually, I suspect the sixth graders’ opinions reflected the opinion of their parents, an effect that will change in a year or two.)

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