White Sheets

Whatever happened to the Tualatin Valley Skins and their big rally and leaf-letting campaign at Gabriel Park?

They announced that they were coming. They didn’t show up. They blamed a computer glitch, and:

Ramm, however, promises to get the troops out as soon as he gets the site back up. “Stay tuned next Saturday,” he says.

That next Saturday being the weekend of the freezing rain and the cold and the staying in doors and whatnot.

In the meantime, somewhat related, a Nazi Group signed up for roadside litter pick-up and thus got a sign. I recall the case cited for why the gummint went ahead and let them “pick up litter”: a KKK organization that wound its way through the cases, was determined to be allowed their Free Speech rights and allowed to pick up litter, and… all was revoked when, eventually, the KKK did not live up to their bargain of Picking Up Highway Litter…

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