The End of Civility

“Want a pamphlet on the Bush Administration from a left-wing Jewish perspective?”
“No, sorry.”
“Oh. You’re right-wing I see. My mistake.”
It appears that he calls everyone who rejects his pamphlet “right-wing”, or some more perjerotive phrase of the same.

“No. It’d upset my right-wing Jewish girlfriend too much.”
Next potential customer.
“Um, no. That’s okay.”
“Stay away from that guy. He’s a fascist, right-wing sociopath.”

“Hey, Steve! That guy just called you a fascist right-wing sociopath.”
“Yeah. Take my pamphlet. If you’re brave enough to read it.”
“Jeez. I can’t get through an article on the latest Blazers game, let alone some guy’s piece of propaganda.”

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