Oscar Wilde is Gay???

Props to Rep. Gerald Allen.

Whatever props those are, I do not know.

Back in high school, my Literature class was reading Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, in class.

A classmate asked, “What — are these guys gay?” The teacher shook her head, “No, they’re straight.”

I said, “The writer’s gay.”

The classmate said, “Really?”, and the teacher answered “Well, yeah, he was. But the characters … they’re straight.”

Though… not in all productions of the play. If I were prescient enough of how the gay adorers of Oscar Wilde occasionally change the focus of the play when performing the thing, I would have said right then “Not in all productions of the play.” (Though someone in the class would’ve then accused me of being gay…)

What I liked, though, was the biography in this Literature textbook. His flamboyance got him into legal trouble? What does that mean?

Never mind. I should stick to the more strongly heterosexual bible. Jesus Christ surrounded by 13 men, one who wants to kill him and the other 12 who want to wash his feet…

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