Elsewhere Thoughts on CIA

I: Counterpunch

II: So let me get this straight.

These are the guys who have been working against the American people and burying secrets for over 50 years. The same folk who have (according to articles and ideas posted to this website) at every turn lied, conjouled, bribed, threatened and even killed to keep their own secrets and to promote their own agenda or the agenda of powerfull people/aliens.

Yet, conjouring up some false evidence and disinformation (something they prety much invented, allegedly) about Iraq caused some to get cold feet? The president (their boss and the person who directs the policy for the entire country) told them to do something that was unethical/illegal and the CIA (being conscious laden and legal minded) decides to buck him on it. The man who among other things controls their budget, and can apoint whomever to run the place. Hedging their bets in an election year with a race as close as this one was billed to be.

And, this same agency who has lied to promote their own agenda, for over 50 years, writes a report and leaks some information and you openly accept is as the gospel. The smoking gun of impropriety?

Is that it?

No chance its another push towards their agenda?? Or has it become the kinder, gnetler CIA? One dedicated to Safety and Justice? One who will deliver the truth to the American People?

When the Devil tells the truth, it is always wrapped in a lie and soaked with manipulation.

III: The idea of Purging the CIA is an illusion. Why didn’t they drop them when they bombed the Chinese embassy? They are only purging to make way for a bigger agency.

Kennedy attempted to break them up and was shot.

This is all a big show.

Sears Owns KMART now.. and guess what ? It is still Kmart!

CIA can be called the Keystone cops and they still will have corrupt members covering stuff up and taking bribes.. it’s not going to change a thing.. FOR THEM. We however will probably end up paying for it in some way.

IV: The Agency is not a monolithic organization. There are many factions within it and of course a considerable amount of internal conflict and competition. Many of them look at the President as a temporary annoyance, one that is here and gone in four or eight years. The careerists are in it for the long haul, Bush, Clinton, etc., are not (I hope).

I think that a number of the people around Bush/Cheney simply wish to #### the torpedoes and crash straight ahead into their utopian madness. A Central Intelligence Agency made friendlier to their inept and idiotic strategy of global dominance is just what the good doctor ordered. Look what happened when Carter purged the Agency back after the Church and Pike investigations of Assassinations and Dirty Covert Operations… Many of those spooks then went into the “private” sector, or “off the shelf” as it is called now. They went to work to place Ray-Gun and G.H.W. Bush (especially Bush) into office so as to have their revenge and to once again have a gang in office that would shape American Policy as they dreamed it should be.

If the current Bush continues to restructure the CIA, he will be shooting himself in the foot. Some of those folks don’t like being dumped like a cheap trick, and will, as they have in the past, leak information/misinformation to the Press to further their own interests. But if the intention is to prepare for a massive restructuring of the Agency to broaden the covert operations abilities worldwide (to wage the eternal crusade for peace) then an ideological transformation is to be expected.

And this reminds me of a book I noticed a few years ago. A career officer in the CIA wrote it, and he proposed the limiting of “democracy” in the USA as a strong step towards safeguarding the interests of The FatherLand. Clyde is right in that we are going to see bigger and badder spy agencies here, and it will be to support that vision of a more totalitarian future where the rich and powerful won’t have to worry about any messy Democracy.

Etc etc Blah blah blah

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  1. 744 Says:

    intreaguing..so whats your back up plan?

  2. Justin Says:

    I note for the record, and wonder why I did not make this clearer by simply crediting each roman numeral to its source when I threw this blog entry up, that none of this is mine. All of this entry comes from “The Clyde Lewis Message Board”. The only bit that comes from me is “blah blah blah”, which I am guessing is what I thought would sort of innoculate myself from things … as if it were a “Okay. I listened for a while, a bit bemused, a bit edified. Now I roll my eyes slightly, and move on.” But I know now wherefor the comment to the more sensible (dare I say sane?) “Letters to the Oregonian Reponse” is coming from, thus that comment doesn’t come across as annoying anymore.

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