Screw Joseph Lieberman, but I’ll get to him some other time.

John McCain: Here we have Al-Jazeera showing that shot over and over again without a mention of the shooting in the head of this brave woman who spent her life trying to help Iraqi people. Shame on Al-Jazeera. Shame on that organization. They know–we now know that they’re just a propaganda organ–they can no longer call themselves news or any kind of purveyor of anything but propaganda. And if I’m angry about it, I think all Americans are angry about it.

McCain’s correct. Al Jazeera shouldn’t take such an isolated incident out of context and show it again and again.

They need to stick to the more mundane killing of innocent civilian Iraqi life that the Coalition of the Willing engages in (not particularly on purpose, but in the land of “inevitibility”).

What seems to be today’s antiwar position it was a terrible mistake and it’s a terrible mess, but we can’t just walk away from it was actually the pro-war position during Vietnam. In fact, it was close to official government policy for more than half the length of that war.

Take that observation and do what you want with it. Maybe it’s best that the “antiwar candidate” Howard Dean couldn’t get a foot into the door of the presidency — he can maintain his luster out of power a lot better without compromising it with a sentiment of “Must see it through”.

Not that semantics clear the way for me… I’m not part of a “movement”.

Parts of the problem is in the difficulty of maintaining a demonization of the enemy. Nazi Germany provided us with an easy out: there were no innocents in Nazi Germany, the entire citizenry was corrupted and de facto Hitleristas. With Iraq, (as with Vietnam, though there we could move into a position of ‘why do I care what the Viet Cong does to them?’), they’re “innocents” who have been “liberated” — and if they keep fighting after being liberated (screw your “dead-ender”/ “flooded from oversees” etc etc crap)…

The narrative falls apart.

Skip to the end…

MR. RUSSERT: You oversee sports.

Question: Why does John McCain, or anyone in Congress, “oversee sports”?

When I find Joseph Lieberman’s comments about the video game “JFK Reloaded”, I’ll post it up, along with a discussion on JFK and misguided conspiracy theories. But where on the world wide web are they?

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