A Quick Look Ahead


The only thing I can say is Rick Santorum is a Senior Senator of the God Caucus (a caucus that has been expanded with this last election), in a state that just went to Kerry. Easily Target #1, whatever the polls suggest about Santorum right now.

Other than that, Lincoln Chaffee is extremely uncomfortable with his party right now. I have the highest sympathies toward him. Olympia Snowe is a “moderate Republican” from deep in the blue Northeast, and must be made to feel equally uncomfortable — though, since she’s largely a standard political hack, for different reasons…

It’s interesting that the two (Bi-Partisan, in this case) chairs of the “Committee on Present Danger”, aka “The Committee to Make You Shit Your Pants”, are up for re-election. Both will win re-election, depressingly, and more depressingly one is, quote-in-quote “on my side” — so I “want him to win”. (That’s Jon Kyl and Joe Lieberman.)

I wonder if Robert Byrd will retire. The King of Pork, and a pork that doesn’t really help West Virginia that much, and a man you can occasionally see his KKK past slip through. But he’s everyone’s hero for providing a batch of opposition to the War in Iraq and stark criticism to Bush Administration.

Other blogs more serious than I and a bit more attuned to the Donkey — Elephant Game will no doubt have better focus on this matter than I.

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