The Debates of Yore: SIGH

I’m googling for an old George Will editorial, wherein he states that sighing cost Al Gore the election, but since Gore was incapable of not sighing it’s the natural course of events and so no coaching could do anything about the Gore sigh.

I recall watching the Fox News coverage following the grand debates: When he brought up the name of a bill that he supported to support his case, he was alienating the viewer with his wonkishness. We can’t have specifics, you see…

… though, a lack of specificity would show that the candidate not preferred has no concrete solutions.

According to the months old Atlantic Monthly article, the 1994 George W Bush on display in the Ann Richards debate was a much more articulate, superior version than the 2000 or 2004 version of him. He’s a Brilliant MINIMALIST, you see.

… brilliant… minimalist…

(The “Memorandum of Understanding” was designed to tear down the devastating attacks that John Kerry used to defeat William Weld in the 1996 debates: no props. The “Memorandum of Understanding” also disallows direct challenges — also known as debate.)

The word on the street: expect Bush to use the phrase “minimalize” in relation to Osama Bin Laden (“We’ve… minimalized… them”). And, in relation to minimalization: the word from the experts is that the two-minute byte format works for Kerry, because it forces him to work on the concise and eliminate the Kerryism effect.

Ye shall see. Shan’t we?

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