Is 17% the Floor?

I suppose this throws the Alan Keyes campaign completely off stride. How do you proceed with the strategy of making a stupid-ass comment once or twice a week, a strategy that has been working brilliantly thus far, when you’re stuck answering questions about your daughter’s sexuality?

The question, of course, being Is your daughter a real Lesbian or merely a LUG? (Mr. Keyes, undoubtedly, prays to Jesus that it’s the latter.)

AND… Compare and contrast her hedonism with that of your Mary Cheney’s.

As for Ms. Keyes: she’s removed some stuff from her blog since the controversy hit. Some of the more pertinent, and personal, stuff can be found VOCAL ANTI-GAY KEYES IS PARENT OF A “SELFISH HEDONIST.”, 9-28.

From the comments section there, of a Keyes-supporter:

Basically, I am not surprised that Maya Keyes is gay. It was a suspicion that I have had but I never thought it would be appropriate to raise that question in a blog. When I saw Maya at the Keyes announcement in August, she was indeed wearing all kinds of rainbown bracelets, etc and that just struck me as odd for the daughter of Alan Keyes to be wearing that. So that is where the suspicion began.

Yeah, that would maybe give it away.

This is another of those great “blog triumphs”. (A rather lame “triumph”, considering the circumstances of the Keyes family, and the fact that the Keyes campaign is a non-factor beyond comedy relief.) Tom Daschle may have taken a pass on Trent Lott’s comments regarding Strom Thurmond, but Joshua Micah Marshall bounced it back and brought down Trent Lott from Senate Majority Leader. The Republican blogs brought down Dan Rather by declaring the kernings for some memos not compatible with Vietnam-era documents. (In the case of South Korea, they elect their prime minister, who is spurred to power off of Internet grass roots.) And this time… well, it all starts with Ms. Keyes’s blog.

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