The Party of Lincoln and the Party of Reagan

For some unknowable reason, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was given a second speech, previously unscheduled, during primetime last night.

He’s the guy who became Speaker of the House after Newt Gingrich bailed out due to the 1998 elections and after their first choice was discovered to have had sex once.

Mr. Hastert’s speech paid homily to the presidents Lincoln and Reagan.

George W. Bush shares the hopeful vision of Lincoln and Reagan. He believes in peace through strength. He believes that the economy grows when the private sector grows, not when the government grows.

Lincoln, who did more than anyone to centralize and consolidate the power of the federal government. And Reagan…

Both President Lincoln and President Reagan understood that in order to be respected around the world, you have to have the courage to stand up for America.

Europe, more or less, just hedged their bets toward whoever they perceived to be winning for trading purposes. I doubt they’d care if the South had won.

George W. Bush is a strong leader with the right vision for America.

It is the Lincoln vision. It is the Reagan vision. And it is the American vision.

Yes, but is it the Garfield vision? Is it the Taft vision? Is it the Harding vision?

The Landon vision?

Do the Democrats currently have the vision that guided Georges McGovern and Wallace?

Maybe their foreign policy is based on the straight run-way path that ties together 3-time nominee William Jenning Bryan, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, George McGovern, Scoop Jackson, and Bill Clinton.

Later, Hastert would suggest that Kerry was against throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. I support Kerry’s prinipled stand there, by the way. Very environmentally concious.

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