The bottom line.

Arnold Schwarzennegar comes out. He’s standing in front of a screen with a deco-image of the American flag. He puts in several catch phrases: “economic girlie man”, “Terminate this”, “Jingle all the way”, whatever.

Kill me.

He has a number of applause lines, where the Republican delegates get an opportunity to chant… “U!S!A! U!S!A! U!S!A!”

Kill me.

We learn that he became a Republican because of… Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon.

The Bush daughters come out. They’re there to introduce Georgie who’ll be on the screen to introduce Laura. There really is no other way I can put this, after hearing the Bush daughters give their self-aware jab at their general bubble-headedness.:


If you still can’t think of a reason to vote for John Kerry, I present tonight’s primetime scheduled Republican National Convention show as an exhibit of at least a reason to kick out Bush Asshole.

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