Gerald Ford

The PBS talking heads are having a difficult time filling space.

The Republican National Committee shows on their screen a one minute or thereabouts montage of Gerald Ford. The film is trippy, jigsaw images jumping up and down and all over the place — has this odd just post-psychedelic quality to it. The University fo Michigan fight song is playing underneath it. I think it’s an appropriate sideshow befitting the president who served two years, had no political mandate, and fulfilled that mandate perfectly.

The talking heads — a couple historians, Jim Lehrer, the moderate Establishment Liberal Mark Shields and the moderate Establishment Conservative David Brooks, then go on to pontificate on the legacy of Gerald Ford on the party and on the nation… for what seems like the next fifteen minutes. Nothing interesting is scheduled on the floor, after all.

On the convention floor, there were people who probably took a potty break and came back, missing Gerald Ford and not missing a beat.


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