Two Election Voting Lists

My tagline at the top is an obvious lie. It doesn’t lie as much as it did previously, but it still lies. I changed it from “as though it doesn’t matter” to “as though it barely matters.”

I obviously have a dog in this fight… despite any and all grievances I express about Kerry… I view Kerry as an improvement over what the DNC offered up in 2000 (yes, that is damning him with a little feignt praise), and Bush as worse than what I thought he was in 2000. At the same time, it frequently seems like the election is analogious to an election for American Mob Boss.

Forget it though. I feel the need to steer away from the cynicism and get down to brass tasks: I shall create two lists. The first: the Case Against Bush. The second: the Case For Kerry. I jotted some items down, and it’s obvious the first list is easier than the second list — without too much thought, I have 10 items down against Bush and 5 items down for Kerry.

Suggestions and ideas are being taken.

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