Praise for Obama

Yesterday, Barak Obama completely revolutionized the art of political speeches. After hearing him yesterday, I had to overhaul and alter my prior definition of the word “political speech”.

A giant cataclysmic paradigm shift. It was the Day the Earth Stood Still. The world will never be the same after Obama’s keynote speech. We will have to redo the calendar, marked Before Obama’s Keynote Speech, and After.

Obama’s speech was a pinacle triumph for Human Civilization. Historians will pour over it, and talk it up in the same breath as the Invention of the Wheel, Gutenberg’s Press, and the establishment of Mosaic Law.

It was the Day the World Stood Still. Granted, the broadcast networks didn’t cover it, but imagining the impact if they did cover it blows the mind. Adding sugar to sugar!

Nay, I didn’t see it.

I will say this: it’s too bad that the Republicans aren’t able to find a replacement for Jack Ryan to run against him. (Mike Ditka declined, and Ted Nugent seems to be a no-go as well… yes, those are the names that came up to run for the US Senate: Mike Ditka and Ted Nugent!!) Because, that could be a heck of a negative campaign meme: Obama equals Osama.

In the meantime, the debate over President Mario Cuomo’s legacy rages on — what with that brilliant 1984 speech, and history will always tell how Bill Clinton’s career ended when he gave that long, meandering, and just plain bad speech back at the 1988 Democratic Convention.

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